"Dragon's Den Pro Wrestling"

The love of pro wrestling is coming together in the first wrestling video-game produced from an actual professional wrestler! You'll find a collection of images (both past and present) responsible for bringing one man's dream into the phases of reality.    
"History of Dragons Den Pro Wrestling" - CLICK HERE

"Blocked" - 2012

One of Arizona's most impressive Independent Films, "Blocked" captivated its audiences with amazing cinematography, thrilling performances and a storyline compared to Hitchcock. Here is a collection of artwork from the movie's graphic designer, Gerren Ard, which complimented the film's unforgettable style.    

"Overcoming Life's Trauma" - 2011

This 3-Hour long documentary, after the book of the same name, follows the Author through the story of his own personal tragedy as his wife and 2 children die in a car accident in 2007. Years later, he shares his own personal secrets to overcoming pain and suffering, while offering those with similar struggles help in leading a more fulfilling life.    

"Mary Shelly's: The Last Man" - 2008

In this 2008 adaptation of the classic book written by Mary Shelley (author of "Frankenstein"), Director James Arnett brings to the screen Lionel Verney's (Santiago Craig) survival in a post-plague civilization. This is the first feature film of AIA Productions, shot almost entirely in Tucson, AZ and produced by Gabrielle Andres.    

"MindPlay: Virtual Reading Coach"

In one of my favorite projects, my talents are placed in FRONT of the camera as I become a "Virtual Reading Coach," specializing in proper applications for grammar. MindPlay offers an amazing product that uses interactive online teaching programs to help educate children, as well as adults, in better reading comprehension.    

"Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church"

Although never formally commissioned, I proposed several goods for Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church with the hopes of offering fresh alternatives to their current presentations. Rising Star is Pastored by Amos L. Lewis (whose services are always worth hearing), and is considered one of Tucson's fastest growing churches.    

"National Roller Derby League"

"Home of the Original Style of Roller Derby," the National Roller Derby League is owned by Lou Sanchez, who has the reputation of being one of the toughest villains in the history of the sport. The league was one of the most influential of its kind, garnering a nationwide following that hoped it would soon bring back "The Derby" to the masses.    


This is a company in which I made their main logo. They specialize in the planning, development and coding of databases, programs, networking and other back-end computer-related solutions. This is also the company I consulted with, that helped construct the new "Blocked" website's presentation in HTML5.    

"Stinger Welding Company"

I constructed a proposal and several other goods for Stinger Welding Company with the hopes of rebranding their image, pushing them to compete (image-wise) on the same level as their competitors. They were a very well known construction company that assembled several building structures, mostly bridges, within 6-10 States.