Website Art

Past, present and previously unseen website designs from
GBA Studios. The graphics from each design is represented on this page, as well as some interesting facts, inspirations or involvements concerning them. Any new designs will also be featured here as well.
Designs are from 2005 - current.    

"Blocked" Art

One of Arizona's most impressive Independent Films, "Blocked" captivated it audiences with amazing cinematography, thrilling performances and a storyline compared to Hitchcock. Here is a collection of artwork from the movie's graphic designer, Gerren Ard, which complimented the film's unforgettable style.    

Professional Ads

Here is a collection of ads created through the years. Some were made from existing websites for clients ranging from lawyers, CPAs, Financial Advisors, Doctors, etc. Others were from publications or projects. Over 900 professional ads were produced by me since 2005, with a *record-setting* 102 individual ads being made in 4 days!    

Cave Monument

In one of the final 3D projects I made in art college, I combined 2 different cultures together to create this work of fantasy art. This monument was built in the side of a mountain in the Southwestern United States, 20 years after "The Crusades."    

Art for "Student's Shadowing" Project

Being "shadowed" for a graduating high-school senior's final project is an honor and a privilege for anybody in the field. Here is a sample of the artwork produced during their visit, using their ideas and simple Photoshop methods.    

"Monticello" Cookie House

Disgusted with pre-manufactured gingerbread houses during the holiday season, this entirely edible house made of cookies and candy was created as a personal challenge. The house was inspired by "Monticello," the famous home of Thomas Jefferson.